Smoothie Bowls; or why a spoon make everything better

I’m the kind of person who really wants to be healthy but also hates running and loves food.

Smoothie bowls are great because they appeal to both the nerd in me who loves food science and the easily amused pseudo adult in me who loves pretty things.

I’m going to share my favorite smoothie bowls with you before going back to Japan. Eating the rainbow is a thing, right? Let’s try:

Very Red

This first bowl has a perfect mix of sweet and earthy flavors. I wanted this smoothie to retain its bright color without missing any of the benefits of leafy greens.
Enter Moringa Powder.

The powder is made by drying the leaves of the Moringa tree at a low temperature and then grinding them into a fine powder. It’s and comeplete plant protein that’s packed with nutrients.

I used sweeter fruits–strawberries, and raspberries–to balance the Moringa Powder, which adds a nutty and almost green tea flavor. To retain the red color–the Moringa is pretty dark– I added some beet, goji, and pomegranate powder. I may have gone a bit crazy with the powders. 😅

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1/2 cup frozen raspberries<<
2 cup frozen strawberries<
2 cup frozen beets<
bsp Moringa powder<<
bsp Chia seeds<<
sp beet power<<
bsp freeze dried pomegranate power<<
bsp goji berry powder<<
4 – 1/2 cup coconut water

" poster="videopress://S8y3kFvc]" ]<<
top: pomegranate arils, goji berries, mulberries, dried cranberries, raw sunflower seeds, and crushed rice cakes.< strong>ABC’s<<
eirdly love cranberries. They work well in sweet or savory dishes and something about the tart aftertaste thrills me. This is kind of a kitchen sink smoothie bowl but I like it because it’s ultra filling.

1 Honeychrisp apple,<<
2 avocado<<
bsp beetroot powder<<
2 cup frozen broccoli<<
2 cup frozen cranberries<<
2 cup frozen dark cherries<<
bsp Morigina powder<<
4 cup Ginger Juice<<
up coconut water

To top: dried cranberries, sliced strawberries, pomegranate arils, pumpkin seeds, chia seeds, crushed rice cakes and candied ginger.

Let’s continue to follow the 🌈 next time with two yummy orange smoothie bowls. Do you have any favorite smoothie recipes? A